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Monday, June 30, 2014

SharePoint 2013 : How to add Device Channel in site/master page

A Device Channel Panel is a control that you can add to a master page or page layout to control what content is rendered in each channel that you create. A Device Channel Panel is a container that specifies one or more channels; if one or more of those channels are active when the page is rendered, all of the contents of the Device Channel Panel are also rendered. A Device Channel Panel can include almost any type of content, including a link to a CSS file or a .js file. It is an easy way to include specific content for specific channels.

There are two limitations to using a Device Channel Panel:

  • Display templates Because display templates are rendered on the client side and Device Channel Panels run on the server side, you cannot use a Device Channel Panel within a display template. Instead, you should use two different Content Search Web Parts within Device Channel Panels on your page layout, or use the JavaScript variable to trigger the behavior you want within the display template itself.

  • Web Part zones You cannot insert a Web Part zone inside a Device Channel Panel. If you want to allow authors to add Web Parts to a page, and if you are not concerned about the page weight for mobile devices, you can add a Rich Text Editor page field to a Device Channel Panel, and then instruct authors to add Web Parts there. You can add Web Parts directly to a Device Channel Panel (without a Web Part zone).

How to configure device channels?

  1. Go to settings of the site
  2. image
  3. Open the Device Channel from Look and feel section on the page
  4. image
  5. Default View of the Device Channel settings page
  6. image
  7. Add rule for the device
  8. image
  9. Add rule for example for windows phone 8.1
  10. image
  11. image
  12. And save the configuration
  13. Go to site settings and select Master page
  14. image
  15. Open the settings
  16. image

Having applied the configuration, if you navigate to the website now using a Windows Phone you should see the Device Channel automatically applied.

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