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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Interview Question Tips 3

The following question is the live interview question from one of Giant IT MNC.

1. Deployment of the InfoPath as client and as web enabled.
2. What is BDC? Description.
3. What InfoPath wrt to you?
4. How you create workflows?
5. Major difference in VS and SP Designer workflows.
6. Deployment of the web part.
7. Requirement/Prerequisite for setup a SharePoint machine.
8. Define a web part in simple.
9. STP template.
10. If we give you .net framework 2.0 or 3.5 you are ready to work?
11. Difference between wss 3.0 and MOSS.
12. Have you have knowledge of WSS 2.0.
13. Some Question on InfoPath 2003.
14. Types of Workflow? Major difference.

They asked many question on Features but i don’t remember this time. But the thing is that the question they asked are not typical or hard. But the way you present their is the key thing to notice. In interview you should look knowledgeable guy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

To make values in the InfoPath Drop down Blank

To delete filled drop down values blank we have to write following mentioned code in the link

and have to add following code:

XMLDom.SelectSingleNode("/my:myFields/my:CustomersListGroup/my:Displayname", NamespaceManager).SetValue("");

XMLDom.SelectSingleNode("/my:myFields/my:CustomersListGroup/my:Value", NamespaceManager).SetValue("");

Drop Down Xpath :

XMLDom.SelectSingleNode("/my:myFields/my:AccountInformationSection/my:DDL", NamespaceManager).SetValue("");

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Filter Display Name in InfoPath 2007

To filter drop down list box display name which is populated by this mentioned post . We have to drag TextBox in the InfoPath form like “CustomersLists”. Goto properties of that textbox and follow the bellow image

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Populating Drop Down List Box in InfoPath 2007

Generally when we have to populate data in the drop down of InfoPath we generally follow the resource file way which is present at following link. But there is another way also for that work.

For that we have to follow below steps:

1. We have a list in SharePoint from which we have to fill data in drop down box.

2. Goto control in InfoPath drag a drop down list box in the form.

3. Goto data source in InfoPath add group in the datasource like as follows:

4. In this repeting group add the two Field Displayname and Value.

5. For Display name, from data source right click on Group, and click Add

6. Similarly follow 5th step again for “Value” field. The group looks like that

7. Then goto DropDown List Box propeties and opt the follwoing option :

8. Select the newly added repeting group in the xpath in the entries field. Also select display name and values from the repeting group.

9. Open the code/event where to write the code for populating the drop down.

10. Write the following code:

public void PopulateDropDown()




SPSite Rootsite = SPContext.Current.Site;

SPWeb website = Rootsite.OpenWeb();

SPList SharePointList = website.Lists["Customers"];

SPListItemCollection SharePointListItems = SharePointList.Items;

XPathNavigator XMLDom = this.CreateNavigator().SelectSingleNode("/my:myFields/my:Group", this.NamespaceManager);

foreach (SPListItem Item in SharePointListItems)


XPathNavigator NewCloneNode = null;

NewCloneNode = XMLDom.Clone();

NewCloneNode.SelectSingleNode("/my:myFields/my:Group/my:Displayname", this.NamespaceManager).SetValue(Item["AccountName"].ToString());

NewCloneNode.SelectSingleNode("/my:myFields/my:Group /my:Value", this.NamespaceManager).SetValue(Item["Desktops"].ToString());


NewCloneNode = null;



NewCloneNode = null;







1. Don’t have to delete again and again the filled nodes in the drop down.
2. Less code work (Smart Work).
3. Performance increase.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Writing SQL queries in the SharePoint Content Databse

To write SQL Queries in the Content database. We have there are Two Views in SharePoint internal Content Data Base
1) Lists 2) UserData

SO to get content of the list From SharePoint List say Tasks, then
in query we have to write:

select nvarchar1,nvarchar3,nvarchar4 from UserData where tp_ListID in (
select tp_ID from Lists where tp_Title = 'Tasks');

You can get all the data when you query is executed.

Some Query Example

-- Query to get all the top level site collections
SELECT SiteId AS SiteGuid, Id AS WebGuid, FullUrl AS Url, Title, Author, TimeCreated
FROM dbo.Webs

-- Query to get all the child sites in a site collection
SELECT SiteId AS SiteGuid, Id AS WebGuid, FullUrl AS Url, Title, Author, TimeCreated
FROM dbo.Webs

-- Query to get all the SharePoint groups in a site collection
SELECT dbo.Webs.SiteId, dbo.Webs.Id, dbo.Webs.FullUrl, dbo.Webs.Title, dbo.Groups.ID AS Expr1,
dbo.Groups.Title AS Expr2, dbo.Groups.Description
dbo.Webs ON dbo.Groups.SiteId = dbo.Webs.SiteId

-- Query to get all the users in a site collection
SELECT dbo.Webs.SiteId, dbo.Webs.Id, dbo.Webs.FullUrl, dbo.Webs.Title, dbo.UserInfo.tp_ID,
dbo.UserInfo.tp_DomainGroup, dbo.UserInfo.tp_SiteAdmin, dbo.UserInfo.tp_Title, dbo.UserInfo.tp_Email
dbo.Webs ON dbo.UserInfo.tp_SiteID = dbo.Webs.SiteId

-- Query to get all the members of the SharePoint Groups
SELECT dbo.Groups.ID, dbo.Groups.Title, dbo.UserInfo.tp_Title, dbo.UserInfo.tp_Login
FROM dbo.GroupMembership INNER JOIN
dbo.Groups ON dbo.GroupMembership.SiteId = dbo.Groups.SiteId INNER JOIN
dbo.UserInfo ON dbo.GroupMembership.MemberId = dbo.UserInfo.tp_ID

-- Query to get all the sites where a specific feature is activated
SELECT dbo.Webs.Id AS WebGuid, dbo.Webs.Title AS WebTitle, dbo.Webs.FullUrl AS WebUrl, dbo.Features.FeatureId,
FROM dbo.Features INNER JOIN
dbo.Webs ON dbo.Features.SiteId = dbo.Webs.SiteId AND dbo.Features.WebId = dbo.Webs.Id
WHERE (dbo.Features.FeatureId = '00BFEA71-D1CE-42de-9C63-A44004CE0104')

-- Query to get all the users assigned to roles
SELECT dbo.Webs.Id, dbo.Webs.Title, dbo.Webs.FullUrl, dbo.Roles.RoleId, dbo.Roles.Title AS RoleTitle,
dbo.UserInfo.tp_Title, dbo.UserInfo.tp_Login
FROM dbo.RoleAssignment INNER JOIN
dbo.Roles ON dbo.RoleAssignment.SiteId = dbo.Roles.SiteId AND
dbo.RoleAssignment.RoleId = dbo.Roles.RoleId INNER JOIN
dbo.Webs ON dbo.Roles.SiteId = dbo.Webs.SiteId AND dbo.Roles.WebId = dbo.Webs.Id INNER JOIN
dbo.UserInfo ON dbo.RoleAssignment.PrincipalId = dbo.UserInfo.tp_ID

-- Query to get all the SharePoint groups assigned to roles
SELECT dbo.Webs.Id, dbo.Webs.Title, dbo.Webs.FullUrl, dbo.Roles.RoleId, dbo.Roles.Title AS RoleTitle,
dbo.Groups.Title AS GroupName
FROM dbo.RoleAssignment INNER JOIN
dbo.Roles ON dbo.RoleAssignment.SiteId = dbo.Roles.SiteId AND
dbo.RoleAssignment.RoleId = dbo.Roles.RoleId INNER JOIN
dbo.Webs ON dbo.Roles.SiteId = dbo.Webs.SiteId AND dbo.Roles.WebId = dbo.Webs.Id INNER JOIN
dbo.Groups ON dbo.RoleAssignment.SiteId = dbo.Groups.SiteId AND
dbo.RoleAssignment.PrincipalId = dbo.Groups.ID

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Human Resource

1: What is your greatest strength?
A: My greatest strength includes my analytical approach, my strong logics and my patience
My greatest strength includes my honesty.

2 : What are your weak points?
A: "Better to say your weak point will be advantageous for the company in other way like if some problem is annoying you,then u work more to solve the problem etc?

3 : Tell me about yourself:
A: Proffessionally : Hard working , ampitious , do every thing I can 2 improve myself more ,, I appreciate serious and hardworking people and enjoy working (and learning ) from them ..Personally : I have few , but wonderful , friends .. We meet at week ends and we make wonderfull journeies and hang outs

4 : What is more important to you: the money or the work?
A :"Money and work both are like siblings. But I believe when you work hard; money will flow to you. So work is more important than money. Only hard work can help you put another feather in your success cap."

5 : Explain how you would be an asset to this organization
A :It gives you a chance to highlight your best points as they relate to the position being discussed. Give a little advance thought to this relationship.

A : ---

A : You have published this vacancy in open market. I have applied for it.You have shortlisted me. So, I think that I am one of the best deserving candidates for this job."

8 : Tell me about your dream job.
A : A job where I love the work, like the people, can contribute and can't wait to get to work.

9 : Why did you leave your last job?
A : "As every org. having the scale limitation for any position, I felt same for my last job. I think i have spent fare enough time to grow my personnel skills as well as org. goals. Now its time to move and looking for more special and creative then the last time. Here i am, as i heard and read about this org. I think I can perform, utilize and develop my skills here for achieving the org. goals as well as my own skills."

10 : Do you have any questions for me?
A : "Do you provide any training, if I am employed?; What do you expect from the prospective employees in this job?; What is the criterion for growth in this company?

11 : How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
A: "I worked for my previous employer ... years. That demonstrates my loyalty. So, as long as the work is challenging, and I will have growth and training potential, I will be happy to work here."

12 : Why do you want to work for this organization?
A: I wanted to work for this company because you are a leading and fastest-expanding company ....... Hence it is a logical progression for me to join this company with my abilities.

13 :
1)What is your achievements?
2)Why you feel proud of your work?
3)Why should I hire you?

A : 1 : I feel proud of my work because I am a smart working person, and quick witted and can conclude any type of typical situations.

A : 2 : I have all the qualities required for this job coupled with good communication skills and can achieve the goals with good figure of merit."

14 : What should i answer if my interviewer asks me about my short and long term goals.Tell me with some example?

A : For present, that u want be a software programmer or .net developer and for future, u can say to be the project leader/manager or at the top position in it.

15 : What has been your greatest achievement in terms of employee relations?
A : I have achived and maintain the good relation with my seniours,juniours and team members.

16 : Are you a team player?

A: Your response to this question should show that you have been successful in both situations


A: At present the company is growing in a fast rate.I think that i can contribute myself to achieve the goal of this fast going organization.

18 Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.

A: I have always enjoyed working under pressure it is like a tonic which boosts me but i always keep it under contorl so it does not take a a toll on me.

19 : Difference between hard work and smart work?
A : Hard work is the idea we are implementing that we have inherited through what we have learnt but smart work is where we use our out of box skills.

20: Would you be willing to relocate if required?
A : Change in location helpz a person to learn and grow as an individual.

21 : What motivates you to do good job?

A: I feel that good job means where you find good culture and good working environment & which you do satisfactorily, enthusiastically and confidently with high spirit of excellency.Therefore I would like to state that I am highly motivated by my confidence to excel in my life. It is obvious for some people the motivation is required but for some others their confidence is sufficient.i.e they are self starters and I believe that I am a self starter to do a good job.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SharePoint Questions

Sr No.QuestionAnswers
1How to create Workflow in Visual Studio?
2Limitation of SharePoint Designer Workflow.
3Deployment process of the Web Parts and Workflows by features.
4What is safe control?
5If we don't put our assemblies to GAC then Web part will run ?
6Can we host Web Enabled InfoPath with out SharePoint.
7Main Differences in InfoPath 2003 and 2007.
8If we don't add safe control entry for web part will it run ?http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/infopath/HA100677851033.aspx
9How to delete default SSP in SharePoint 2007?
10How can we add InfoPath data to SQL server custom data base
11What is the Scope of InfoPath trust levels(Restricted, Domain andFull trust)?
12How to add loading event in the InfoPath 2007 code?
13Scope of workflow ?
14Object model questions.
15Attach specific list event in SharePoint?
16Code snipet for attaching list event.
17XML file details in the Event receiver?