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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Type of DataBases in SharePoint 2007

Configuration database: (Used by WSS and MOSS.) Contains SharePoint configuration settings, such as front-end and back-end servers, mail servers, and portal site names. The name for this database is SharePoint_Config.

Content database: (Used by WSS and MOSS.) Contains the actual data, stored in the portal site and the team sites. Default name prefix: WSS_Content.

Shared Services database: (Used by MOSS.) Used to store information about the Shared Service provided; its default name is SharedServices1_DB.

Shared Services Search database: (Used by MOSS.) Stores search index and related content in the database SharedServices1Search_DB.

Shared Services Content: (Used by MOSS.) Stores general information for the Shared Services Provider instances in the database SharedServices_Content.

Administrative Content: (Used by MOSS.) Stores content related to central administration in the database file SharePoint_AdminContent.

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